REDCOM Application Programming Interface (API)

Create and deploy custom Carrier-Grade applications

The REDCOM Application Programming Interface (API) provides network carriers and OEM developers with the tools to design and deploy custom scalable software applications for Carrier-Grade communications. The REDCOM API package includes a fully programmed, Carrier-Grade Class 4/5 softswitch and Media Gateway as well as the API.



  • Differentiate products and services with revenue generating apps
  • Develop cloud-based voice services for mobile and fixed networks
  • Increase visibility with unique user experiences

How It Works:

REDCOM’s API connects with server-based databases and user terminals (such as smartphones) to control a REDCOM core switch providing a means to create custom voice switching applications beyond the typical fixed and mobile capabilities. You build the custom call control software, PC software, and mobile apps to create what is truly your own unique solution! Best yet, the REDCOM core softswitch already includes not only the physical media gateway, but also an extensive suite of call control features, thereby reducing your time to market.


  • Call Centers
  • Radio/ PSTN Gateways
  • Dispatching
  • Advanced and alternate routing gateway
  • Autodialers
  • Secure conference bridges
  • Secure network authentication
  • Integrated voice and surveillance security system

LCS-on-pcAPI in action: REDCOM Link Command System

REDCOM’s own Link Command System (LCS) is a great example of how we use the API to develop a unique application to enhance the customer experience. Employing server-based customer data queries, an interactive PC-based GUI, and a REDCOM softswitch/media gateway, LCS is a flexible Call Center solution applicable to telecom operator services, tourism offices, and crisis conferencing for Fortune 500 enterprises.

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