Thomas Keller

Sales & Marketing Team

Tom Keller is a Solutions Architect for REDCOM. He works with all groups within the company to engage existing and potential customers, worldwide. Tom works with these customers to determine their needs and collect the necessary data, to then engineer solutions that meet their requirements and solve their problems.

Tom has a long history in the telecom field. Early in his career, Tom worked at IBM for over ten years as a Senior Systems Engineer. He then moved on to Nortel Networks/Bay Networks, where he worked in both engineering and customer-facing roles. He has also worked at NextiraOne as District Education Executive, Enterprise Systems as a Major Account Executive, and ShoreTel as a Sales Engineer. Before joining the REDCOM team, Tom worked for over ten years at Allworx/Windstream where he was a Regional Sales Manager, responsible for supporting Windstream account teams and channel partners.

With his extensive roster of experience in both sales and engineering positions and his demonstrated strengths in data and telecommunications engineering, Tom is well suited for his role at REDCOM, where he gets the chance to engage with customers to figure out the perfect solution to meet their needs. He enjoys helping REDCOM succeed by working with the entire team to create innovative solutions and exceed customer expectations. In Tom’s free time, he likes to golf and takes weekend tours with his wife.