Ryan Gillenwater

Customer Service Team

Ryan Gillenwater is a Product Training Specialist at REDCOM. Within this role, he trains and assists customers with REDCOM Sigma and HDX, or older telephony devices associated with REDCOM. Ryan was in the Army for eight years working in various places in a variety of positions, mainly involving networking, and recently left the Army in 2020 to begin working with the REDCOM team. Ryan is the kind of person who knows a little bit about a lot and considers himself a jack of all trades. He loves working with people and helping to fix their problems, showing people new things as well as learning new things for himself. He likes working at REDCOM where he continues to learn something new each day while proving himself as a valuable asset to his team and making lasting relationships with the people he works with.

In his free time, Ryan enjoys playing video games, Dungeons and Dragons, and relaxing at home. He also likes researching random things, like different operating systems, and figuring out how things work on a basic level. When the weather is warmer, he enjoys going out to Canandaigua lake and walking along the water, enjoying the scenery with his girlfriend.