RW Holstrom

Customer Service Team

Robert Holstrom, or RW, has been part of the team since 1996. He began working at REDCOM as a system technician, doing board and system testing, and later managed the warranty department. Since 2001, RW has been working with the customer support team where he provides support in all aspects of REDCOM’s external relationships. He does phone and onsite product training for REDCOM products, and assists in resolving customer issues.

Along with providing customer support, he also does product support and testing of new REDCOM equipment. A solution-oriented and organized individual, RW is confident in his ability to provide advanced network solutions to customers, as well as his ability to accurately document all customer interactions.

RW was named REDCOM Employee of the Year in 2005, and has continued to provide the same level of service and exemplary work in his role with each new year. He truly enjoys every aspect of his job, from the external and internal relationships to the flexibility and trust he is given in the workplace. He appreciates the small community at REDCOM, as well as the interaction he’s able to have with everyone here and enjoys collaborating with his coworkers. In his free time, RW enjoys traveling, and riding his motorcycle.