Russell Norsworthy

Customer Service Team

Russ Norsworthy is a Technical Trainer for the REDCOM Team. Within this role, he trains customers on REDCOM’s product set. Russ has over 25 years experience in Training and Development for adult learning in the manufacturing, software, and health services industries. He enjoys learning all aspects of the topic he teaches so he has a deep understanding of every facet of the subject matter. This way he is prepared to answer most, if not all, questions a customer or learner may have. Russ believes that training is a key foundation of any business or organization. He brings a strong passion to pass knowledge on to anyone willing to learn.

He likes working at REDCOM where everyone is willing to listen to ideas, help each other when needed, and you feel like you are an important member of a successful team. In his free time, Russ enjoys playing golf, and when indoors, you can find him playing on his computer. You also might find him building, repairing, and/or upgrading computers for fun. He appreciates a good Hockey or Baseball game, where you can find him watching with his oldest son. With his youngest son, he relishes having a broad conversation about music and musical instruments.