Kristina Bush

Program Management Team

Kristina Bush joined REDCOM in October 2018 as a Government Technologist. Kristina manages REDCOM’s government customer relationships, exploring new business opportunities as well as fostering existing relationships with customers. She is skilled at finding ways to bring solutions to customers, making sure they stay updated and informed. Kristina has a Bachelor of Business Administration from Empire State College.

Before coming to REDCOM, Kristina worked in customer relationship management roles for Allworx and Windstream. These previous experiences give Kristina a deep understanding of customer relations, a skill that makes her well suited for her current role. Kristina is a hard worker who loves to learn – a skill that serves her well at REDCOM, where she is always learning about new solutions and applying those to each unique customer circumstance.

In her free time, Kristina enjoys spending time with her busy family and her dog. She also volunteers for Rebuilding Warriors, a nonprofit organization that provides highly trained service dogs to veterans with PTSD, TBI, and amputees.