Gene Kohlmeier

Solutions Engineering Team

Gene Kohlmeier has been an integral part of REDCOM since 1993, having served in a number of positions where he gained extensive experience in customer support, engineering, and product concepting. In his current role, Gene primarily interfaces with REDCOM’s customers to facilitate the development of ideas, then translates those ideas into internal programs that can be used to meet customer needs. Gene also provides support for the company’s government sales team.

Throughout his career at REDCOM, Gene has been involved in a variety of critical programs for the U.S. government including the TDC-ICAP Program for the Air Force, and the Marine Corps DTC Program. Before coming to REDCOM, Gene spent 31 years working for Rochester Telephone Company, giving him a keen perception into the needs of REDCOM’s telco customers.

Gene served four years in the United States Air Force and is a Vietnam Combat Veteran. Along with his service in the military, he has also been heavily involved in public safety for the duration of his career. With 48 years as a volunteer fireman, 55 years as a volunteer police officer, and service in the special operations team for Monroe County, Gene brings valuable experience in public safety with him to REDCOM, which serves him well in understanding the specific experiences and unique operational needs of our customers.