Collin Sweeney

Research & Development Team

Collin Sweeney is a Research Assistant at REDCOM where he works as part of the research and development team. Within this role, he helps communicate and break down abstract data encryption concepts into information that can be applied and used practically for REDCOM product development. Collin researches industry trends to keep REDCOM at the forefront of the cybersecurity market, and collaborates in business development efforts, creating materials to help demonstrate unique solutions to partners and customers. Collin began at REDCOM in 2018, starting off part-time while he finished his Bachelors’s Degree in Astrophysics at Appalachian State. Collin has continued his education, currently working to obtain his Masters in Cyber Security through Utica College – a program that is certified by the NSA and DHS for cybersecurity excellence.

Collin is continuously doing telecom and cybersecurity research, following trends in market research, and keeping REDCOM informed on what’s happening, applying these ideas to what REDCOM creates and sells to help solidify the company’s spot in the marketplace. He enjoys working at REDCOM where his job is pretty open-ended, and he has the ability to think outside the box and approach problems in new and interesting ways. Working toward his Masters and employed full-time at REDCOM, most of Collin’s free time is spent focused on school.