Bob Carey

Customer Service Team

Bob Carey has been with REDCOM since 2000, and is currently a Customer Support Specialist. Bob works closely with customers every day to resolve issues, install REDCOM products and upgrades, and assist in interoperability testing with both REDCOM platforms and customer equipment. Before stepping into his current position Bob worked in manufacturing where he supervised system testing.

Well-versed in customer relations and product installations, Bob is confident in his abilities to create and maintain meaningful customer relationships, as well as troubleshoot customer issues efficiently and effectively. He enjoys being able to travel for his work at REDCOM, and likes the challenges he faces on a daily basis in order to respond to each customer’s needs.

As well as his relationships with our customers, Bob also enjoys the internal relationships he has formed at REDCOM, and the family-oriented atmosphere at the office where everyone is shown respect and trusted to succeed within their role. In his spare time, Bob likes to play racquetball, enjoys a round of golf, and is a member of Sons of the American Legion, where he does volunteer work to raise money for the Lifeline subscribers in his local community.