Bill Ciminelli

Leadership Team

Bill Ciminelli joined REDCOM in 2016 as the Vice President of Sales, bringing with him extensive knowledge and background in the telecommunications industry. As the VP of Sales, Bill is tasked with the strategic planning and management of the company’s direct sales, sales operations, and marketing teams, with a large focus on non-government and REDCOM EMS sales. He guides the REDCOM sales staff in understanding and identifying business opportunities, while keeping everyone productive and accountable.

Before coming to REDCOM, Bill obtained his bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and Political Science, and his MBA from Clarkson University. He has worked at a wide variety of telecommunications companies including Computer Consoles, Inc., Nortel, Global Crossing, American Fiber Systems, Inc. and Earthlink. Bill started working in this industry prior to the AT&T divestiture through to the consolidation state that the telecom industry is in today. Throughout his career, Bill has been able to observe this significant evolution from a technology and business standpoint, giving him a broad understanding of the market and ultimately REDCOM customer needs.

Bill has a strong product management background, overseeing product and market share development, product line P&L performance, and all business aspects of product and company performance throughout his career. Bill is a highly analytical and organized person, always evaluating what his team has accomplished, and what they need to achieve their overall goals.

When Bill leaves the office, he is interested in amateur photography, likes watching sports and participating in fantasy leagues, and enjoys reading history books.