Amanda Colby

Research & Development Team

Amanda has been with the REDCOM team for five years, where she began as a System Integration and Test Specialist. There, she developed test and evaluation strategies and worked in interoperability testing, doing software and integration testing of REDCOM new equipment.

In her current role, Amanda works with the cyber research team and IT to monitor and evaluate systems security and create and maintain strategies, policies, compliance, and assist with auditing and incident response. Amanda is highly competent in her role and is proud of her ability to assist in server administration and networking. She is willing and ready to provide help to her team whenever they need it.

Amanda enjoys her role here at REDCOM because of the relationships she is able to form with both customers and co-workers. The people she works with and the culture at REDCOM are what make her happy to come to work each day. In her free time, Amanda likes to cook and read, and loves going hiking and fishing.