Alexis Holler

ZKX Solutions Team

Alexis Holler is a Software Engineer on the Planning and Strategy team for REDCOM. For her role, Alexis focuses on research topics like Zero Knowledge Authentication (Z-Auth) and other questions related to software, computer science, and cybersecurity, to help better prepare REDCOM to serve its customers in the future. Before joining full time, Alexis was a co-op for REDCOM on and off for over a year while finishing her Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science at RIT. Originally, she started out on the mobile REDCOM Client team working on Android and iOS platforms before getting involved with the Z-Auth research project in January of 2020. She then joined the Planning and Strategy team at REDCOM where she worked on explaining Z-Auth to the group and helping with the integration and development plan.

Alexis enjoys working on this team where she gets to solve problems. Her prior experience on the Mobile Client team gives her a good understanding of REDCOM’s goals and capabilities and helps her to bridge the gap between research and development. She is grateful that her relationship with REDCOM is what introduced her to a research role, and she’s excited to see what projects she can be a part of in the future. In her free time, Alexis plays piano, and enjoys spending time drawing and painting.