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Reynolds Telephone Company modernizes their network with REDCOM HDX

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Reynolds Telephone Company provides local and long-distance telephone service as well as digital IPTV and high-speed internet to Reynolds, Illinois and the surrounding rural area. The company had a Nortel DMS 10 switch, a fiber optic network, and a predominantly buried cable plant to provide high-quality voice and circuits to meet the needs of business and residential customers.

As a small company, it can be difficult to know who to trust in such a competitive marketplace – especially with all of the disruption and uncertainty the telecom industry is currently experiencing. When looking to replace their old DMS switch, Reynolds Telephone Company was looking for a reliable product from a trustworthy company. REDCOM® is a well established and unwavering presence in the rural telecommunications industry, with a consistency in this space for the last forty years.

I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the HDX. It’s there, it works, and it’s not costing me a fortune in support that I may only use once a year. Thanks again for the exceptional support on the product.

Jace Taylor - GM and COO, Reynolds Telephone Company

When it came time to replace their current DMS switch, Reynolds Telephone came to REDCOM to purchase REDCOM HDX. One of the reasons they chose to purchase an HDX was because they were looking to migrate to VoIP, and the REDCOM switch provides a high assurance migration solution that enabled Reynolds Telephone to schedule a phased approach to VoIP implementation.

Installing REDCOM HDX also allowed for SIP, which was a great way for them to leverage their IP network to reduce costs. “Moving to SIP afforded us major benefits over GR 303, which we were using previously,” said Jace Taylor, General Manager and Chief Operating Officer of Reynolds Telephone Company. “HDX is a simple platform comparatively, and it’s more cost-effective in the long run.”

Other deciding factors for Reynolds Telephone when purchasing an HDX was REDCOM’s competitive pricing and customer support promise. REDCOM doesn’t require any mandatory annual support contracts – the customer decides when they need support, and the customer will only be charged on an hourly basis for the support that’s provided. This will save Reynolds Telephone a significant amount of money after just a few years of service. “Along with a decrease in total cost of ownership, REDCOM HDX is definitely easier to manage than our old system,” said Taylor. “It’s also much more efficient from a power standpoint.”

Reynolds Telephone also leveraged REDCOM’s Sigma Voicemail to round off their complete solution. With REDCOM Sigma, Reynolds was able to offer subscribers voicemail services as well as voicemail hosting to a nearby telco running on a third-party switch.

REDCOM has kept in contact with Reynolds Telephone Company long after their product installation and training and has continued to provide them with support when they need it. “Since we had the equipment installed, REDCOM’s customer support has been easy to get in touch with, responsive and very helpful,” said Taylor.

Along with a decrease in total cost of ownership, REDCOM HDX is definitely easier to manage than our old system. It’s also much more efficient from a power standpoint.

Jace Taylor - GM and COO, Reynolds Telephone Company

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