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LaHarpe Telephone Company chooses REDCOM HDX to replace their existing equipment

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LaHarpe Telephone Company is a rural telecommunications provider in LaHarpe, Kansas who provides telephone, internet, cable, long distance services to the people of LaHarpe and the surrounding communities. They came to REDCOM® looking to replace their existing CopperCom CSX switching system.

REDCOM has acquired a great deal of trust in the rural telecommunications market with consistently reliable products and services coupled with longevity in the industry. REDCOM has been working with rural telecom companies across the country to replace legacy or unsupported Class 4/5 switches — such as those from CopperCom — with modern hybrid REDCOM softswitches.

Bob Carey came to LaHarpe to install the REDCOM HDX. We we enjoyed working with him very much. He was professional, efficient, and did a great job coaching us through the entire process.

Harry Lee - Owner, LaHarpe Telephone Company

REDCOM’s HDX is a fully integrated softswitch and media gateway platform that delivers interoperable communications to service providers. An extremely reliable Carrier-Class 4/5 platform, the HDX is ideal for rural telecommunications companies who might be concerned with long-term cost.

“We were looking for an affordable and reliable piece of equipment to replace our CopperCom switch,” said Harry Lee, Owner of LaHarpe Telephone Company. “The CopperCom was no longer being supported by the manufacturer, so it wasn’t a dependable piece of equipment for us, moving into the future.”

LaHarpe Telephone wasn’t receiving the necessary support from the original vendor which had gone out of business, so they purchased a REDCOM HDX. In purchasing an HDX to replace their previous switch, LaHarpe realized that REDCOM was also able to provide several other benefits.

First and foremost, Harry Lee enjoyed REDCOM’s customer-friendly “no obsolescence” policy. Plus, REDCOM doesn’t lock customers into mandatory maintenance contracts or scheduled software upgrades, and never charges unnecessary maintenance costs. This is a major benefit offered by REDCOM that reduces operating expenses while offering a host of new revenue-generating features. The REDCOM HDX drops into existing networks while providing a leap into the future, allowing carriers to select the most efficient and cost-effective transport routes.

Due to the usability of REDCOM products, LaHarpe Telephone Company has been able to use their HDX even without yet having their official product training. “Bob Carey [REDCOM Technical Support Specialist] came to LaHarpe to install the REDCOM HDX,” said Lee. “We enjoyed working with him very much. He was professional, efficient, and did a great job coaching us through the entire process.”

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