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Baldwin-Nashville Telephone Company modernizes their network with REDCOM SLICE 2100

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The Baldwin-Nashville Telephone Company provides high-speed internet, telephone, and cable television services for the towns of Baldwin and Monmouth, Iowa and their surrounding areas. A small, community telecommunications provider, they weren’t satisfied with the support they were getting from their existing Metaswitch system, nor were they happy with the recurring mandatory maintenance fees.

After considering these challenges, Baldwin-Nashville knew they needed to look for immediate solutions to the issues they were facing with their switch. The Baldwin-Nashville Telephone Company had two options: they could have another local exchange host their services for them, or they could purchase a new softswitch.

They were responsive, accurate, and knowledgeable. REDCOM quickly took care of any issues that came up and answered all of my questions.

Brian Rickels - Manager, Baldwin-Nashville Telephone Company

When looking into both of their options, Brian Rickels, Manager at Baldwin-Nashville Telephone Company chose to purchase a REDCOM SLICE® 2100™. Built on an industry-standard SIP-based architecture, this integrated softswitch and media gateway platform is a drop-in solution for carrier IP migration, End Office replacement, and distributed cloud voice services. SLICE 2100 facilitates a cost-effective way to add packet voice (IP) to an existing TDM switching network while allowing service providers to retain legacy equipment investments.

The REDCOM SLICE 2100 solved Baldwin-Nashville Telephone Company’s issues. They were provided with much better support with their new REDCOM softswitch and at the end of the day, choosing to go with a REDCOM SLICE gave the company a far better return on investment. “The fact that REDCOM does not require yearly maintenance fees and offered a lower up-front cost were two of the most important factors for us in deciding to replace our existing switch with the SLICE,” said Rickels.

Since REDCOM features no scheduled maintenance, no annual service contracts, and no forced upgrades, Baldwin-Nashville Telephone Company was able to capture huge savings on their yearly maintenance fees. They also managed to save money on the day of installation. “I was very happy with everything, and the install went smoothly,” said Rickels. “REDCOM customer support was efficient with the cutover, and I was able to save money right away because they finished the install a day early, providing training the next day.”

REDCOM saves customers time and money, while also providing unparalleled customer support. “They were responsive, accurate, and knowledgeable. REDCOM quickly took care of any issues that came up and answered all of my questions,” said Brian Rickels.

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