VoIP Migration

In the “good old days” of telecommunications, network design wasn’t all that difficult. There was a manageable number of technology options available, and the solutions were from reputable long-term providers. New technology emerged at a reasonable, predictable pace enabling network managers to plan and accrue finances. In those days, design and product selection were a matter of balancing current finances with long-term goals.

Today, the migration to IP networks has left many network operators in a precarious position — the potential means to design a solution are many, vendors seem to offer every combination possible, and the level of integration is questionable. The market in general is in a constant state of turmoil, with both traditional and “up and coming” vendors exiting the market and/or abandoning platforms, equipment becoming obsolete before it is fully expensed, and lots of promises being made. If that isn’t enough, the once-secure telecom network has now, with the addition of IP, opened a whole new door to malicious attacks and network-wide failures.

At REDCOM, we’ve been in the telecom voice market for over 35 years and have “seen it all.” Working with a multitude of carriers worldwide, REDCOM has gained significant insight into what works, what doesn’t work so well, and how to weigh the risks in network design, vendor selection, and Total Cost of Ownership.

With vast experience in VoIP migration, network security by design, and disaster response packages, REDCOM can help your company avoid the pitfalls others have suffered. Contact REDCOM today to discuss your VoIP migration concerns!