Communications Systems for Rural Healthcare Providers

Service Provider Unified Communications Solutions for the Rural Healthcare Industry

Where you live shouldn’t determine the quality of your healthcare communications system

The delivery of quality healthcare in rural communities is a key factor to improving the quality of life for our families, neighbors, and customers. Your community’s small hospital or clinic may have an aging infrastructure that includes a PBX that has gone EOL (End-of Life) or whose vendor is now out of business.

The double whammy of decreasing reimbursement payments and the push for compliance from government regulators means that hospital directors and senior staff are just too busy. Plans to replace the old PBX never get made, even though funding may be available.

Rural Telcos have the expertise and the staff to replace the older infrastructure currently used by the healthcare providers. By leveraging REDCOM technology, you are in a unique position to work with your community’s healthcare providers to implement for them a communications platform that is second to none.

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