Easy-to-use IVR and web-based user interfaces for maintaining subscriber screening preferences

Flexible call treatments that can be configured based on subscriber needs

Callers are authenticated with an audio CAPTCHA before the call is connected

Integrates with TNS Call Guardian to provide real-time network data analytics for accurately identifying both robocalls and call spoofing

Detect Robocalls with Personalized Call Screening

Detect and block Robocalls and reduce annoyance calls

REDCOM Personalized Call Screening (PCS) is an ultra-flexible, highly customizable solution for screening incoming calls. Provide your subscribers with privacy by eliminating those annoying calls that use a computerized autodialer to deliver pre-recorded messages (robocalls). Personalize the treatment for screened calls to ensure wanted calls are delivered, while unwanted calls are blocked.

REDCOM PCS incorporates STIR/SHAKEN (Secure Telephony Identity Revisited / Secure Handling of Asserted Information using toKENs), a digital certificate system that leverages public key cryptography processes to verify that calling numbers are accurate and not spoofed.

The process underlying STIR/SHAKEN has been in use on the Internet for years, providing token authentication for secure websites, minimizing the spoofing of internet addresses by bad actors. Recent government, service provider, and enterprise security experts have deemed STIR/SHAKEN a necessary process for reducing the impact of bad actors on the telephone network. As legislation begins to rollout addressing robocalls, a STIR/SHAKEN solution will likely be mandated.

Flexibility for communications at the tactical edge

Robust call treatment options

REDCOM offers robust call treatment options that are like building blocks, enabling service providers and subscribers to configure their own call handling rules.

Service Provider Input: Our solution empowers service providers to identify and filter unwanted calls, configuring calls to be screened against:

  • Subscriber-maintained lists
  • Global lists
  • Human CAPTCHA tests
  • Recorded calling party greeting
  • Transaction Network Services (TNS) Call Guardian, a real-time telephone number reputation analysis tool

Subscriber Input: Our solution also empowers subscribers to manage their own call screening settings via a web browser or IVR interface, with the ability to:

  • Create and manage white (allow) and black (deny) lists
  • Activate and deactivate call screening, manage white/black lists, and assign call treatments for unknown callers
  • Build a white list by importing their contacts from a CSV file

ersonalized Call Screening Diagram

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Flexibility for communications at the tactical edge
Robust call treatment options