Link Command System

REDCOM Link Command System (LCS)

Powerful call service platform

REDCOMs Link Command System (LCS) provides call handling capabilities for human operators. Powerful enough to serve multiple industry applications, LCS can be employed for public carriers, Toll Operator Services, private network and PBX front desk operators, VIP executive assistant functions, and emergency services inter-agency coordination.

The LCS human interface is a customizable GUI which runs on a standard laptop or PC. One-touch access to key people and resources is enhanced by a user-configurable Direct Station Select (DSS) display, Directory Assistance (DA), incoming call queue screening and management.

When used with REDCOMs CrucialConnect Crisis Conference package, LCS provides operators total control to launch Blast Dial conferences, add, remove, and mute conferees, and combine multiple conferences.

LCS is a drop-in solution that can be added to any existing REDCOM network, including legacy, NGN, and radio.

GUI Conference Control

The LCS provides the operator with an interface for starting, monitoring and controlling conferences. Optional conference control features include:

  • Add/Drop a calling party to a conference
  • Mute/un-mute a party in a conference
  • Visualize talking parties within a conference
  • Private Consultation
  • Sub-conferencing
  • Segmentation
  • Monitoring

All conference control features are available in the “Individual Conference” window. Click here for more details on REDCOM’s multi-technology conferencing.

Support for Multiple Operators

Each operator can customize their screen layout and system of tabs, buttons or audio alerts, retrieving them as saved preferences when they log on to the system. A simple system allows users to create and arrange their own buttons or configure audio alerts for maximum efficiency.

Custom Screen Layouts

The LCS main operating screen contains the toolbar, the call information area, the call control area, and the Direct Station Select (DSS) tabs and button section. The layout of the console can be fully customized by the end user, allowing each operator to have their own screen layout, system of tabs, buttons and audio alerts.

Direct Station Select (DSS)

REDCOM enhances operator productivity with the one-click convenience of DSS—a system of on-screen buttons that identify individuals or units. Each of these buttons corresponds to a directory number, similar to a speed dial button on a typical feature phone. Additionally, these buttons can show the station’s status (ringing, idle, etc.) if the button is associated with an internal station.

LCS users can easily create new DSS buttons or edit existing buttons in the DSS area of the main window. DSS buttons can be graphically customized with images that speed identification and connection. The entire system is designed for ease of use with minimal training, providing simple and intuitive navigation and command screens that improve call response times.

Optional Softphone Functionality

The LCS softphone works as an additional station to perform some of the attendant console features and supports outgoing and incoming call handling. The softphone is compatible with any microphone and speakers on a PC, including headsets.

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Link Command System Interface