For Service Providers


The REDCOM IMS platform is the architecture on which all revenue-enabling and cost-reducing services are built. It's designed for service providers migrating from Intelligent Networks (IN) to a Converged IP/TDM or VoIP-centric environment.


The REDCOM Service Delivery Platform is the driving force for enabling advanced VoIP applications. Leveraging an integrated Application Server, the REDCOM Service Delivery Platform provides the ability to scale up to provide any number of services, from call control to advanced video products. And to keep costs under control, REDCOM enables virtualization of network services; service providers can buy what they need while keeping intact or repurposing existing network elements.

Voice over LTE

REDCOM VoLTE solution delivers call setup and control elements to provide a seamless VoLTE solution for subscribers with compliant devices

  • Standards-based architecture
  • VoLTE deployed on VMs within an IMS environment.
  • The same robust Application Server element enjoyed by REDCOM IMS, able to virtualize any services, from VoLTE and ViLTE to any of a myriad Bring Your Own Services (BYOS) required by service providers to meet their subscribers’ needs.

Specialized Applications

REDCOM IMS also delivers specialized applications, available separately or as part of the overall IMS network solution:

  • Robocall-mitigating services from STIR/SHAKEN to Personalized Call Screening and other nuisance call reduction applications.
  • REDCOM Mass Notification services for alerts, revenue-generating campaigns, and reporting tools.
  • Specialized applications such as Intelligent Call Routing to support IVR, Toll-Free, and similar scenarios.
  • Prepaid and Postpaid Services for rules-based billing of card services with powerful reporting tools for service providers requiring a card-style billing solution

A Robust Service Delivery Platform

REDCOM IMS is a suite of virtualized network components giving service providers the choice of integrating all or part of the complete IMS network. REDCOM includes products and services to ease the transition into advanced, SIP- and Diameter-based networks that still allow hybrid TDM/VoIP, Radius and Camel elements to participate in delivering features to subscribers.

  • A RESTful Application Server that provides as many applications as required, deployed on Virtual Machines (VM) on off-the-shelf servers.
  • A Service Creation Environment providing distributed call processing, load balancing and applications across all popular networks including IN, IMS, VoLTE, GSM, WiFi and converged TDM/VoIP
  • The Console, a friendly GUI interface into the service platform