For Service Providers


REDCOM IMSWorkX is a full suite of applications designed to enhance the service layer of the network. These solutions include REDCOM IMS, REDCOM IN Migration, and REDCOM Enhanced Network Services.


REDCOM’s flexible IMSWorkX software platform brings added value to service providers with its proven ability to provide current services on legacy networks while simultaneously allowing for the rapid development of new services for evolving networks.

Our platform is mature, stable, and active in live network deployments, and are fully compliant with relevant industry standards.

REDCOM IMSWorkX encompasses four product families: REDCOM IMS, REDCOM IN Migration, REDCOM Enhanced Network Services, and the REDCOM IMSWorkX Service Delivery Platform.



REDCOM IMS is the flexible and reliable solution we bring to providers looking for a total voice solution.

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  • Standards-based architecture
  • Can be deployed in a virtual environment, reducing hardware dependencies and significantly reducing OPEX and CAPEX.
  • Our Telephony Application Server (TAS) includes interfaces to interoperate with IMS and other network elements. It supports the messaging interfaces needed for CAMEL, MAP, and IN as well as SIP, Diameter, and SIGTran protocols.
  • VoLTE-enabling solution delivers call setup and control elements to provide a seamless VoLTE solution for subscribers with compliant devices

REDCOM Intelligent Network Migration

The REDCOM Network Migration suite unifies all your disparate network services into a single service layer.

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  • Allows service providers to migrate an existing SCP/service layer to a next-generation network while maintaining existing interfaces.
  • Interfaces with the legacy network using SIGTRAN (M3UA) and supports IN, AIN, CAIN messaging.
  • Works natively with both AIN and SIP messaging to allow a service or application to simply process the call treatment regardless of the call origin or destination.

REDCOM Enhanced Network Services

REDCOM provides the functionality you need to deliver enhanced services to your subscribers, regardless of your network infrastructure.

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  • Intelligent Call Routing: gives service providers highly customizable call routing rules allowing routing of any incoming call originating from any network to any destination.
  • Personalized Call Screening: an ultra-flexible, highly customizable solution for screening incoming calls and blocking autodialers.
  • Virtual Calling Card: offers real-time rating and call control for service providers across any network.
  • Mass Notification: gives service providers the power to send on-demand or pre-made alerts to landline and mobile phones.

REDCOM IMSWorkX Service Delivery Platform

REDCOM IMSWorkX applications are all enabled by our powerful and flexible Service Delivery Platform. Our platform can scale up to provide any number of services, from call control to advanced video products.

To keep costs under control, REDCOM enables virtualization of network services; service providers can buy what they need while keeping intact or repurposing existing network elements.

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  • Integrated Application Server: offers rapid customization and adaptation of existing applications as well as the ease and flexibility of creating new applications, all of which can be built and delivered reliably across a wide variety of networks including IMS, VoIP, VoLTE, VoWifi, IN, GSM, CDMA and converged TDM/IP.
  • Service Creation Environment: used to create services on our platform. A simple integrated development environment with a drag-and-drop interface can be used to build call flows.
  • Management Console: an Element Management Tool that monitors the REDCOM applications on the network.