Multi-use tactical switch in a slim 1U package

SLICE is REDCOM’s self-contained, fully integrated switching system. This highly reliable and versatile system is proven in both strategic and tactical applications with the United States Armed Forces.

Depending on the module configuration, a single SLICE provides up to 48 analog line circuits, 4 BRI-S line circuits, and 6 E1/T1 digital spans. SLICE supports tandem MLPP capability (including ANSI T1.619a) and advanced conferencing. Easily transportable, SLICE weighs less than 15 pounds (6.5 kg). It is easy to install in standard 19 inch (48 cm) equipment racks, transit cases, or in vehicles.

SLICE is a fully integrated and highly interoperable switching system that can be connected to other network elements by E1/T1, using ISDN PRI or in-band register signaling. Fully scalable, several SLICE units can be connected to maximize network capabilities.

Certified as a Local Session Controller

The SLICE Version 4.0 is certified as a Local Session Controller (LSC) by the Defense information Systems Agency (DISA) Unified Capabilities Certification Office (UCCO) and is listed on the Unified Capabilities (UC) Approved Products List (APL).

Real-world Interoperability

The SLICE’s network interfaces, signaling protocols and conversion deliver true, real-world interoperability. SLICE’s certification and listing on JITC’s APL offer warfighters a high level of confidence when it comes to the interoperability and information assurance of the SLICE for DoD users operating in a joint environment.

Enhance your Command and Control Capability with ClusterNet™

REDCOM’s ClusterNet technology allows multiple SLICE units to be seamlessly interconnected and function as one integrated system. The SLICE may also be clustered with a REDCOM HDX•CSLICE® 2100™ or SLICE® IP for additional features.

Highlighted Features

  • MLPP Support: Provides end-to-end warfighter communications and ensures important calls are delivered to the end location.
  • Secure Communications: Using the Secure Device Module, the SLICE can connect with up to 4 SWT voice encryptors (made by General Dynamics C4 Systems). SWT encryptors allow any SLICE line or trunk port to conduct secure voice communications with any SCIP-capable terminal.
  • Secure Conferencing: The SLICE supports several conferencing styles, including “progressive” (participants added one at a time), “meet-me” (participants meet at a pre-determined location and time), and “preset” (conference controller initiates the event, adding participants as they answer).
  • Field Deployable: When housed in REDCOM’s rugged and transportable Tactical Communications Package (TCP), the SLICE can be quickly deployed to tent cities, communications shelters, trucks and Humvees. The SLICE TCP meets stringent DoD specifications for impact and vibration, and can withstand the harsh conditions of airlift, seaborne and off-road transportation. The SLICE TCP integrates multiple communications elements and encryption devices, and can be fully customized to meet the specific needs of warfighters and DoD agencies.

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