Transportable Communications Redefined

SLICE IP Micro in caseThe SLICE IP Micro redefines transportable IP communications. By integrating key IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) elements and call management functionality into the size of a hardcover book, the SLICE IP Micro puts all the power of a full-sized REDCOM SLICE IP into your hands.

 Secure Gateway


Powered by REDCOM’s TRANSip® IP technology suite, SLICE IP Micro supports up to 3,000 VoIP subscribers, AS-SIP, MLPP, dual-stack IPv4/IPv6, and configurable conferencing.


Plug & Play Simplicity

The SLICE IP Micro features a simple integrated design that reduces setup to plug-and-play installation. Minimizing deployment setup time gets you communicating quicker with this powerful IP solution.


Extensive Conferencing

REDCOM’s SLICE IP Micro supports the following conferencing styles independently or in any combination:

  • Progressive (participants added one at a time)
  • Meet-Me (participants dial-in at a specified time)
  • Preset (conference controller initiates the event, adding participants as they answer)


Precedence & Preemption

With the Assured Services-Session Initiation Protocol (AS-SIP), the SLICE IP Micro provides essential Command and Control Multi-Level Precedence and Preemption (MLPP) for comprehensive end-to-end communications.


Highly Transportable

Whether you need to deploy this SIP call controller to communications shelters, remote encampments, or tent cities, the SLICE IP Micro travels easily. Even when packaged in its ruggedized carrying case, the SLICE IP Micro is small enough to fit in the overhead compartments of commercial aircraft.

 Energy Efficient

Energy Efficient

The SLICE IP Micro is extremely efficient. It requires only 17 watts, which means it can easily be powered by a portable solar generator.

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