For Public Safety

REDCOM CrucialConnect

Delivering continuity of operations in an emergency

The REDCOM CrucialConnect family of products brings interoperable communications and conferencing to First Responders and Public Safety Organizations in the field

REDCOM CrucialConnect

Responding to an emergency event requires a “communications first” mindset. But when multiple public safety teams arrive on-scene, many will be unable to communicate with each other due to differences in waveform, band, channel, or trunking.

REDCOM CrucialConnect solves these interoperability challenges by bringing together radios and IP devices from multiple agencies, enabling teams to command, control, and communicate.

REDCOM CrucialConnect Overview


The CrucialConnect Product Family

REDCOM CrucialConnect consists of a range of interoperable communications packages, from mobile kits that fit in the back seat of a squad car to rack-stackable systems that mount in a vehicle or data center. The portable CrucialConnect kits are deployable, easy-to-use, and highly flexible, and can be set up within minutes.

Medium Kit: CrucialConnect Mobile

Designed for long-term public safety deployments or to replace damaged infrastructure

REDCOM’s mid-sized CrucialConnect kit is fully customizable to meet your needs.


  • Call control and conferencing with a REDCOM SLICE® or REDCOM Sigma®
  • T1s, lines, and 4-wire audio connections
  • Connects up to 12 donor radios
  • POE network switch for adding IP devices including phones, satellite radios, or modems
  • A rugged 20 Amp AC power supply with an extra outlet for chargers or other devices on-site
  • LTE backhaul, and Wi-Fi for local access

CrucialConnect radio interop kit

Small Kit: BCC

Rapid-deploy kit for mission-critical communications

In partnership with Base Camp Connect, REDCOM offers the BCC-Tactical, a lightweight and highly portable solution built to the toughest standards – MIL-810.


  • Secure communications and multi-point conferencing using REDCOM Sigma® software
  • Interoperability via a 5-port tactical voice bridge
  • Super fast data with a unique WAN-Bonding process allowing both data and VoIP
  • SAT connectivity for operation in remote locations or where networks are unreliable.
  • Rugged military connectors resist harsh elements
  • Included Mil-spec IP phone and rugged DECT phones

Portable radio interop for public safety

Vehicle/Data Center Kit: CrucialConnect C2

A rack-stackable system for installation in a comms vehicle or data center

REDCOM’s large CrucialConnect kit is designed to install into a communications truck or data center. Everything is fully customizable.


  • Call control and conferencing with REDCOM SLICE®, REDCOM HDX, or REDCOM Sigma® software
  • T1s, lines, and 4-wire audio connections
  • Connects to numerous donor radios
  • Interoperability with virtually any communications device including radios, satellite, IP, and TDM telephony.
  • LTE backhaul, and Wi-Fi for local access

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