SLICE 2100


A Carrier Class 4/5 Softswitch in a 1U Platform

REDCOM’s SLICE 2100 is an integrated softswitch and media gateway platform that delivers interoperable communications to service providers, ILECs/CLECs and private networks. Built on an industry-standard SIP-based architecture, SLICE 2100 is a drop-in solution for carrier IP migration, End Office replacement, and distributed cloud voice services.

SLICE 2100 supports up to 6000 VoIP or MSAN subscribers and standard SIP 2.0, as well as legacy E1 and analog trunks which facilitates a cost effective way to add packet voice (IP) to an existing TDM switching network, while allowing service providers to retain legacy equipment investments.

IMS compatible and designed for geographic distribution throughout the cloud, SLICE 2100 enables networks to share resources while pushing intelligence to the Edge. By making old centralized network models obsolete, carriers realize savings in backhaul and bandwidth in a truly distributed Cloud voice services architecture.

 IP Softswitch

A low-risk transition to IP networks

SLICE 2100 is an advanced IP softswitch that enables carriers to implement a phased approach to VoIP migration. Traffic, subscribers, and services are cut-over when it makes sense for your business, eliminating a high risk wholesale replacement. SLICE 2100 facilitates a cost effective way to add packet voice (IP) to an existing TDM switching network, while allowing service providers to retain legacy equipment investments.

 Improve Efficiency

Improve network efficiency

Designed for geographic distribution throughout the Cloud, SLICE 2100 enables carriers to keep the intelligent resources closer to the end user, and to share service resources for cost control and network resilience. Compatible with both legacy networks and the IMS network architecture, SLICE 2100 drops into existing networks while providing a leap into the future, allowing carriers to select the most efficient and cost effective transport  routes. In fact, SLICE 2100 makes the old centralized exchange model obsolete, replacing it with a truly distributed Cloud voice services architecture.

 Remote Access

Remote/access solutions

Sharpen your competitive edge with remote subscriber access via SIP, MGCP/NCS, GR-303, V5.2, or direct wired lines. Supporting both legacy TDM remotes and SIP-enabled Access Nodes with DSL, the SLICE 2100 enables carriers to modernize the access network on a responsible schedule. REDCOM’s Intelligent Remote model preserves local communications during catastrophic network failures. Key services (e.g., fire, police, government) front-ended with the SLICE 2100 can continue to operate even if the network core or significant transmission assets are compromised.

 SIP trunking

SIP Trunking Made Easy

SIP trunking is a cost-effective way for service providers to leverage their IP network to reduce costs. SIP trunks deliver a significant return on investment and TRANSip-equipped SLICE 2100 softswitches have extensive SIP trunking capabilities to ensure that your switching resources fit your business model for current and future growth.

 Secure Communications

Secure & encrypted communications

TRANSip, REDCOM’s VoIP technology suite, offers an additional layer of security for VoIP traffic with the ability to encrypt calls. Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol (SRTP) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) are available to encrypt the SIP call signaling and client authentication to ensure confidential communications.


Add functionality with new REDCOM apps

Enhance the functionality of your REDCOM SLICE 2100 with the new Application Package Suite, a set of nine apps designed to boost productivity, reduce costs, and enhance the user experience.

Network administrators are provided with an easy-to-use interface for monitoring system health, setting up features, and adding lines and trunks. Admins also gain access to time-saving apps for scheduling tasks, generating reports, provisioning VoIP end instruments, and exporting billing records in the Bellcore AMA format. There are also a series of apps for viewing and controling conferences.

REDCOM’s End User web app is designed with your subscribers in mind, enabling your customers to control features and other settings that would normally require a call to the phone company. The web app allows customers to set up CLASS features, view call history logs, configure Single Number Services, set up incoming call rules and routing, and much more.

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Call Screening and Privacy Features

Subscribers continue to be bombarded with annoying calls from telemarketers and autodialers (robocalls). REDCOM solves this problem with a package of valuable call screening and privacy features, including Anonymous Call Rejection, Selective Call Rejection, Selective Call Acceptance, and Telemarketer Do Not Disturb. By offering these services to your customers, you give them the ability to seamlessly block unsolicited phone calls. These features are integrated into the SLICE 2100, so there are no additional boxes or servers to buy and configure. Each of these features can be enabled or disabled by your customers. For details, download the datasheet.


Application development API

“Killer Apps” may be a vestigial term, but the business is still alive. Create custom softswitch and media gateway applications with REDCOM’s Application Programming Interface (API). The SLICE 2100 is the perfect platform for carrier-class prototyping and developing applications to drive new revenue sources.

 Energy Efficient

Nothing’s greener than a SLICE 2100

SLICE 2100’s slim and light chassis was built for efficiency. It uses only 110 Watts on average, less than a couple incandescent light bulbs. Less wasted energy means more green in your wallet. In some cases, the power savings alone can show a full recovery on the investment in as little as four years! SLICE 2100 is built using REDCOM’s green manufacturing processes, meaning it is free of lead, mercury and other hazardous substances.


The lowest total cost of ownership

Don’t burn your OpEx budget with the recurring costs of multi-year maintenance contracts. SLICE 2100 users enjoy NO scheduled maintenance, NO annual service contracts, and NO forced upgrades. Carriers realize a substantial reduction in OpEx when replacing legacy exchanges. Considering that recurring maintenance and service contracts typically double the price of most softswitches within four or five years, it’s comforting to know that lifetime costs for the SLICE 2100 won’t be much more than the initial purchase.