SLICE 2100 Micro


Compact SIP Call Manager & Media Gateway

Small Form Factor Integrated System

The SLICE 2100 Micro packs the communications power of REDCOM’s SLICE 2100 into a box as small as a hardcover book. Powered by REDCOM’s TRANSip® IP technology suite, the SLICE 2100 Micro delivers maximum interoperability with an integrated Media Gateway, Media Gateway Controller, SIP Call Controller, and legacy support. The SLICE 2100 Micro features a simple integrated design that reduces setup to plug-and-play installation. The entire unit is powered by a regular laptop power supply.


  • Highly Interoperable with Multiple Communications and Access Systems
  • Ideal for Emergency Response Teams Worldwide
  • Rapid set up (Auto Start)
  • Highly Portable
  • Integrated Call Manager and Media Gateway


 Emergency Response

Emergency Response

Weighing in at just five pounds, the SLICE 2100 Micro is ideal for first responders such as police and firefighters who require an interoperable and highly portable communications node. The SLICE 2100 Micro can also be deployed quickly to disaster sites to restore essential communications in minutes.

 Oil, Gas, Mining

Mining & Exploration

The SLICE 2100 Micro is the perfect communications solution for remote and rugged sites such as mining camps and oil rigs where space is at a premium. It can easily be integrated with a satellite modem for secure communications back to a corporate office or headquarters.

 Mobile Command

Mobile Command Centers

The SLICE 2100 Micro can serve as the communications hub on mobile command trailers, delivering VoIP service for up to 2,000 subscribers, along with support for SIP trunks, and T1/E1 trunks. Connect it to a portable GSM box to expand access to cellular subscribers.

Features & Benefits


Multi-technology conferencing

The SLICE 2100 Micro supports several conferencing styles, including “progressive” (participants added one at a time), “meet-me” (participants meet at a specified time), “preset” (conference controller initiates the event, adding participants as they answer) or any combination of these three methods.

 Secure Communications

Secure and encrypted communications

TRANSip offers an additional layer of security for VoIP traffic with the ability to encrypt calls. Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol (SRTP) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) are available to encrypt the SIP call signaling and client authentication to ensure confidential communications.


Designed with the future in mind

The SLICE 2100 Micro’s wide range of features and flexibility allow for seamless network transformation. The SLICE 2100 Micro is compatible with standards-based SIP phones, eliminating any risk of being trapped by proprietary VoIP devices or protocols. Finally, the SLICE 2100 Micro looks to the future with full support for dual-stack IPv4/IPv6.

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