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The next-generation VoIP/IP-PBX solutions built by REDCOM are powerful multi-technology telecommunications systems ideal for the enterprise. With its patented distributed architecture, REDCOM systems provide a versatile platform for managing complex communications in a variety of applications. At the heart of REDCOM’s multi-technology solution is the innovative TRANSip® IP technology suite, based on the industry-standard Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). TRANSip consists of four functional core elements — a Call Controller, Media Gateway, Media Gateway Controller and Legacy Support — all housed in a single platform that offers full compatibility with IP, TDM, radio and wireless communications.

Whether you are adding VoIP to an existing network, or building a new network, VoIP bandwidth requirements must be carefully considered. TRANSip offers multiple codec options (such as G.711A&mu, G.723.1H&L, G.726, and G.729A&B, iLBC) to help compress traffic where required. TRANSip offers many other bandwidth-saving features such as:

  • Codecs can be configured on a per-trunk basis
  • Codecs can be defined on a per-user basis
  • A trunk destination can be configured with multiple codecs, dynamically selected based on call volume
  • Voice Activity Detection with Silence Suppression and Comfort Noise Generation
  • Adjustable Packetization Rates per user and trunk


Selected Features Available to SIP phones

Lineside Features: SIP phones include the same line-side features traditionally available on TDM and analog phones while also incorporating new SIP functionality.

Line Groups: A single line group can combine SIP, analog, and digital phones for broadcast ringing, group call pick-up, speed dial, and other features.

Caller ID and Name: Caller ID and blocking features are available on SIP, analog, and digital phones.

Announcements: Common announcements can be sent to SIP, analog, and digital phones.

Call Detail Records: In addition to billing and quality assurance Call Detail Records (CDRs), records for other information including called number, calling number, call time, call duration are available for SIP, analog and ISDN phones.

 Secure Gateway

Maximum interoperability

REDCOM’s TRANSip empowers business enterprises by uniting existing legacy networks, IP networks, radios, and wireless communication.   REDCOM customers can continue to use existing legacy networks while smoothly and cost-effectively migrating to IP and advanced communications technologies without compromising service quality.


Extensive call management

REDCOM’s Link Command System (LCS), a powerful operator console that runs on a standard PC, allows an operator to control call management, call handling and conferencing.

 Secure Communications

Secure & Encrypted Communications

Confidential communications are ensured using Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol (SRTP) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) for encryption of SIP call signaling and client authentications.


Ultimate Reliability

REDCOM’s IP PBX systems deliver 99.999% (“five nines”) reliability and are renowned for proven performance in extreme environmental conditions. Moreover, REDCOM’s patented, distributed architecture (trunks, subscribers, etc.) safeguards critical communications and ensures service continuity.

 SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking made easy

REDCOM’s IP PBX systems all feature support for SIP Trunking, which is a reliable way to connect work sites together and enable Internet connections. Extensive SIP trunking capabilities allow companies to cost effectively scale their telecom systems.



REDCOM’s multi-technology conferencing facilitates global conferencing with a combination of IP phones, GSM (via Inmarsat or Iridium® services), traditional TDM phones, and Radios (PTT can be transmitted).  The following conferences styles can be used independently or combined:

  • Preset:  establishes a conference with pre-defined conferees
  • Meet-Me (Reservationless): each conferee dials into a conference bridge
  • Progressive (Ad Hoc):  conferees are added sequentially
  • Sub – Conference (Side-bar):  Specific conferees can be moved to a sub-conference and later returned to the original conference.

 Radio Interoperability

Optional radio interface

REDCOM Radio Interface provides a simple and reliable connection between REDCOM systems and existing radio networks. The Radio Interface supports full two-way calling with Push to Talk (PTT), Voice Operated Transmission (VOX), or Carrier Operated Relay (COR).  Radio users have the same benefits available to station users, including dialing out to a remote radio, dialing into the system and calling a phone, making outside calls, calling remote radio systems, and multi-technology conferencing.

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