Case Study:

REDCOM Brings Next Generation Telecom to the Pacific Islands

REDCOM is bringing the next generation of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology to the Pacific Islands with a low-risk, flexible, and cost-effective way for telecom service providers to offer customers IP services. VoIP is the new wave of telecommunications, delivering voice communications over IP networks such as the Internet. With VoIP, businesses and consumers have a new way to lower their communications costs.

Next Generation Networks (NGN) with VoIP are a win-win technology for the Pacific Islands, providing service providers in the Pacific with a competitive advantage, higher revenues, and growth opportunities, while providing consumers with lower-cost telecommunications and advanced services for the triple play of voice, data and video.

REDCOM’s HDX and SLICE® 2100™ next generation platforms are not only leap-forward technologies but are also cost-effective solutions that preserve all the functionality and investment in existing infrastructure. With a single HDX or SLICE 2100 migration platform, Pacific Island service providers have the flexibility of migrating to IP when it makes sense, eliminating forklift replacements with a solution that works seamlessly with current infrastructure. And, HDX and SLICE 2100 are low cost entry-level solutions that enable service providers to start out slow with a phased approach, creating new service areas at their own pace. Based on global standards, these networks meet the Pacific Islands’ current and future technology needs for the 21st century.

Cook Islands: VoIP Migration Path

Telecom Cook Islands (TCI) was the first South Pacific deployment of REDCOM’s HDX softswitch. The REDCOM HDX with TRANSip® technology suite provides TCI with a migration path to integrated legacy and IP services. With the HDX, TCI adopted a realistic migration path in a single platform, allowing them to migrate to VoIP on an as-desired basis.

REDCOM’s HDX is a powerful softswitch and SIP call manager that retains complete Class 4/5 capabilities in a single platform solution. Operating as both a softswitch and a gateway, HDX delivers up to 3,000 IP subscribers per shelf. And, with HDX, customers like TCI can start with as few as 100 IP subscribers. HDX is an ideal “cap and grow” replacement that facilitates easy migration to VoIP at the most opportune time for customers, while having extensive capabilities that allow service providers to retain legacy equipment.

Widely recognized as a leading service provider in the Pacific region, TCI sets the standard for the rollout of new telecom services. In addition to REDCOM’s HDX, TCI employs a REDCOM IGATE™ for international connectivity and REDCOM MDX stand-alone intelligent switches.

Tonga: Next Generation Network Services

Tonga Communications Corporation (TCC) has completed a major network overhaul by installing an NGN-ready REDCOM HDX softswitch in Vava’u, the main tourist area, and redeploying existing REDCOM systems to four separate service areas. The HDX now enables TCC to provide Next Generation Network services to the people of Tonga. HDX gives telecom service providers like TCC all the benefits of IP while preserving the functionality of their existing telecom infrastructure.

Initially, TCC planned to install two new REDCOM HDX exchanges and update two others to employ C7 signaling. In working with REDCOM on the network design and plan, TCC realized that substantial savings could be made by redeploying some of the existing REDCOM systems and installing the NGN-ready HDX system in Vava’u. It only took TCC’s engineering team a few days to install the new HDX in Vava’u. The existing REDCOM MDX and MDX•I systems were separated and redeployed to four separate service areas.

The ability to leverage the existing REDCOM assets saved TCC almost half a million dollars. Now, with the new REDCOM HDX installed in Vava’u, TCC can provide softswitch and NGN services to meet future technology demands.

Pitcairn Island

Stratos New Zealand Ltd. selected the SLICE®, REDCOM’s smallest, self-contained telephone system, to serve as the communications hub for the remote island of Pitcairn. SLICE is a completely integrated telephone switching system for Pitcairn, providing international gateway functions and enabling the island’s link to the outside world via phone, fax and satellite communications.

A Partner with the Pacific Islands

For more than a quarter of a century, REDCOM has worked with the island nations in the Pacific region helping them to meet their telecommunications requirements by developing state-of-the-art solutions that are scalable and adaptable to meet the growing needs of our customers in the Pacific. REDCOM delivered its first international public telephone system to American Samoa in 1983 and its first toll operator system to Palau in 1995.

Since then, the company has partnered with customers throughout the Pacific, including American Samoa, Cook Islands, Fiji, Niue, Palau, Pitcairn Island, Solomon Islands, Tonga, and Tuvalu. REDCOM is proud to be a member of the Pacific Islands Telecommunications Association (PITA). REDCOM donated to PITA a SLICE-based system to enable PITA members to restore critical communications, expediting disaster recovery efforts.