Communications Service Providers

Carrier-Grade Solutions for Rural Telcos

Interoperable VoIP and UC platforms for service providers, CLECs, and ILECs

The evolution to IP telephony networks presents many challenges for rural service providers. That’s why REDCOM offers a complete range of hybrid and pure-IP softswitch solutions designed to help carriers reduce their reliance on obsolete systems, contain costs, capture new customers, and generate more revenue by rolling out next-gen and UC services.


Maximum interoperability

REDCOM offers a comprehensive portfolio of reliable and proven hardware and software solutions designed specifically for rural telecos.

REDCOM’s hybrid switches, the HDX and SLICE® 2100, are built on an industry-standard SIP-based architecture and feature integrated media gateways and legacy support for connections to both IP and TDM networks.

REDCOM’s new all-IP Sigma® Core software platform is a true Virtual IP Multimedia Subsystem (vIMS) core that runs on an industry-standard server. Sigma Core delivers a rich suite of UC, PBX, and Class 4/5 features designed to help carriers migrate to cloud-based networks, become more agile, improve operating efficiency, and offer new services.

 Cap and Grow

Cap & Grow doesn’t mean Rip & Replace

It doesn’t make sense to connect new endpoints to aging or unsupported hardware. REDCOM enables service providers to cap legacy networks and begin offering VoIP-based services and features with the hybrid HDX and SLICE 2100, or with our all-IP Sigma® Core software.

Carriers with an existing hybrid switch can retain this hardware for interoperability with the PSTN while offloading incremental VoIP call processing to the new REDCOM system. As access to broadband increases in the service area, customers can be migrated to the core switch and the legacy switch decommissioned. Once the full service area is hosted by the new REDCOM system, the service provider is equipped with a highly flexible and scalable carrier-class softswitch.

 Network Transformation

IP Network Transformation

Service providers are looking for ways to lower operating expenditures and increase margins, while offering new value-added services to their subscriber base. Deploying flexible networks enables carriers to adapt to increasing end-user demands and competitive industry dynamics at a lower operating cost.

As the business transforms, broadband deployment is a key element of the business strategy. Carrier-grade solutions with extensive SIP-based VoIP, SIP Trunking, and Virtual PBX capabilities are required to allow carriers to scale their network faster and more cost-effectively than with traditional trunks and phone lines.

REDCOM’s softswitch platforms address the network transformation requirements of the telecom industry by providing seamless interoperability between legacy and cloud-based technologies. With REDCOM, network operators can migrate to a converged, all-IP infrastructure at their own pace.


Carrier Class 4/5 Solutions

REDCOM systems can be deployed as drop-in solutions for carrier IP migration, End Office replacement, and distributed cloud voice services. REDCOM’s next-generation softswitch platforms for CLECs, ILECs, and Multi-Tenant Systems and can be custom configured for these markets. Your system can include all necessary components: the core switching platform, voicemail, battery backup, and an advanced set of calling features in one convenient package. REDCOM systems support CLASS features, subscriber custom calling features, LAMA/CAMA reporting, and a call translator with extremely flexible dialing plans.

 Routing & translations

Advanced routing & translations

REDCOM systems feature powerful carrier-grade routing functions. Each system can be configured with multiple alternate routes over IP, satellite, and terrestrial networks to ensure critical assets always stay connected. In the event of a connection failure, this ensures essential voice communications can continue. Users can also easily set up inbound/outbound trunk groups and flexible digit manipulation for numbering and dialing plan compliance.

 Drive Revenue

Increase revenue with hosted services

REDCOM solutions open the door to new revenue streams through hosted services for both analog and VoIP users. REDCOM hosted services can be deployed on your network as a price-oriented alternative to traditional PABXs. Hosted services enable carriers to expand their service offerings to businesses, eliminating costly on-premise PABXs.

REDCOM’s Sigma Core Virtual PBX enables carriers to move away from on-premise PBXs to a robust and flexible cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution.

 Access solutions

Remote/access solutions

Sharpen your competitive edge with IMS-compatible remote subscriber access via SIP, MGCP/NCS, GR-303, V5.2, or direct wired lines. Supporting both legacy TDM remotes and SIP-enabled Access Nodes with DSL (such as MSANs or MSAGs), REDCOM enables carriers to modernize the access network on a reasonable schedule.

 SIP Trunking

Reduce costs with SIP trunking

SIP trunking is a cost-effective way for service providers to leverage their IP network to reduce costs. All REDCOM systems feature extensive SIP trunking capabilities to ensure that your switching resources fit your business model for current and future growth.

 Custom API

Create custom Carrier-Grade apps

The REDCOM Application Programming Interface (API) provides network carriers and OEM developers with the tools to design and deploy custom scalable software applications for Carrier-Grade communications. REDCOM’s API connects with server-based databases and user terminals (such as smartphones) to control a REDCOM core switch providing a means to create custom voice switching applications.

 Sigma Cloud

Deploy UC Services with Sigma

Carriers can now offer UC services easily with REDCOM’s new Sigma® Core software. Sigma Core can be deployed as a UC complement to existing switch networks or as a stand-alone solution. Highlights include:

  • IP Trunking
  • Video (P2P)
  • Chat/XMPP with Presence
  • Hosted PBX
  • Conference Bridge
  • Unified Messaging
  • Voice Mail to Email
  • Enterprise features
  • White label web interfaces

 Sigma Client

Your office anywhere

Stay connected no matter where you are with REDCOM’s Sigma Client, an app available for both Windows® and Android™. The Sigma Client provides users with access to powerful UC functions — including secure voice, video, and chat with presence — from the convenience of a PC, tablet, or smartphone.

     Block robocalls

    Effortlessly block nuisance calls

    Are your subscribers tired of receiving nuisance calls from telemarketers and autodialers (robocalls)? As the service provider, you have the opportunity to solve these problems for your customers by leveraging REDCOM’s powerful nuisance call handling features available on the REDCOM HDX/SLICE® family of products. Offering nuisance call avoidance to your customers as chargeable features provides you with the opportunity to drive additional revenue while simultaneously boosting customer satisfaction.


      Multi-Technology Conferencing

      REDCOM’s Multi-Technology Conferencing facilitates global voice collaboration with any combination of IP phones, wireless devices, smartphones, landlines, and radios, making it the ideal solution for virtual meetings or responding to a crisis.

      Several conferencing styles are available, including progressive (participants added one at a time), meet-me (scheduled), and preset (Blast Dial). Some or all of these elements can be combined into a single conference.