Telephone Radio Interface

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REDCOM’s Telephone Radio Interface provides a simple and reliable connection between REDCOM switching systems and two-way radio systems. Radio users gain all the same benefits of a REDCOM system normally available to station users including radio interoperability.
Telephone Radio Interface and radio interoperability from REDCOM for expeditionary communications

Connecting REDCOM telephone switching systems and military & commercial radios

The telephone radio interface affords all the benefits of a REDCOM system normally available to station users. The feature allows any phone in the REDCOM system to dial out to a remote radio, or allows a radio to dial directly into the system and ring a phone, make an outside call, or call another remote radio system for complete radio interoperability.

  • Easy message-based setup
  • Allows back-to-back radio patches with VOX, COR & PTT
  • Security check for encrypted military radios
  • Suppresses repeater squelch tail noise burst
  • Three monitor speaker outputs
  • Supports multi-user dial-in monitoring via analog, digital & IP