Cap and Grow with REDCOM Sigma

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With REDCOM Sigma’s virtually unlimited scalability, carriers can cap legacy infrastructure and grow a small NextGen service base while investing in growth as permitted.

Cap. Grow. Enhance.

The evolution to all-IP telephony networks is shrinking the boundaries between telecommunications and IT. REDCOM Sigma® software bridges both worlds by providing a robust and flexible Unified Communications platform that can be deployed in public, private, and hybrid cloud environments. REDCOM Sigma enables service providers to capture new revenue, cap and reduce the costs of legacy infrastructure, and deliver new services for an increasingly mobile and web-centric customer base.

Cap what?

Most voice carriers have long been on the weary road of migrating from legacy TDM hardware to software-centric Next Generation customer focused-services. After a decade of industry trial and error, it has become clear that a Cap and
Grow strategy is the most viable solution for business transformation and network migration. Few carriers are in the enviable position to cap their entire network and invest in an entirely new overlay network. Furthermore, successful
voice carriers have substantial investment in fully functional network assets for which newer technologies fail to offer significant gain. Clearly, investment in growth and service enhancements should, when possible, be based on the latest technologies—but does it always make sense? Does a rush to replace TDM trunking with SIP trunking require the wholesale replacement of core equipment, prepaid platforms, and voice mail? While each case is unique, a sensible Cap and Grow strategy allows for a planned, metered approach.

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