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REDCOM CrucialConnect

Essential Communications for Utilities

Technology, business, and regulatory environments are changing fast in the utilities industry. This drives the need to focus on improving operational systems through upgrade and replacement. Outage Management Systems, often deployed ten years ago, are being replaced with ADMS (Advanced Distribution Management Systems). Upgrades from traditional Graphical Information Systems to Enterprise GIS are occurring with increasing regularity, in spite of the daunting effort to consolidate myriad information types and locations into a single database accessible to all operational groups.

In addition to just keeping up with normal operational concerns, the need to prepare for crises is becoming more important every day. Accidents, acts of terrorism, and cyber attacks all result in the need to manage the ensuing crisis. Crisis Management should be seen as an operational issue for utilities. REDCOM CrucialConnect is a key element of crisis communications.

CrucialConnect by REDCOM is designed to bring together disparate networks into a single rugged, reliable, and deployable package.

 Comms Core

Your communications core

Managing a crisis related to critical infrastructure may entail coordinating the response efforts of not only employees and management of the utility, but also personnel from Police, Fire, EMS, and county/regional public safety offices. Not all of those involved in the response are necessarily at the scene of the incident—some may be located in command posts miles away. The on-site manager responsible for directing response resources—the Incident Commander (IC)—must have immediate, continuous, and reliable communications with key parties for response coordination and real-time status updates. Decisions are only as good as information and intelligence allow.

CrucialConnect offers Incident Commanders the means to establish secure communications with key personnel during a disaster or crisis. Best of all, CrucialConnect drops into a utility’s existing communications infrastructure, alleviating the need for expensive network upgrades and overhauls.


      Flexible deployment

      The CrucialConnect network can operate in a variety of modes, including as a single base station subsystem or as a larger, networked base station subsystem with multiple nodes. All communications links from CrucialConnect are standards-based, resulting in network flexibility that can be easily integrated into existing network infrastructures.

      Based on the customer’s operational requirements, CrucialConnect can be prewired and configured to be set-up and operational within minutes of antenna deployment and the flip of the power switch.


        Maximum interoperability

        CrucialConnect is a Multi-Layered Communications Interoperability Solution providing ease of setup for local communications as well as links to partner agencies for mutual aid support. The integrated class 4/5 Telecom Switch can be connected to the PSTN via terrestrial or non-terrestrial reach-back via telecom interfaces including T1, E1 G/LSRD or SIP trunk connections. CrucialConnect can grow to accommodate an ever-expanding footprint of coverage as additional resources move into the area of operation. Using multiple system configuration databases, a single communication platform can be quickly reconfigured by simply loading the new database. One platform can then be used as a backup or standby communications platform in nearly any location in the world.

           Extreme Environments

          Reliability in extreme conditions

          REDCOM communications platforms are designed to perform under the most challenging environments—from the intense humidity of tropical islands, the searing heat of the Sahara to the frigid temperatures of the Arctic.

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