CrucialConnect LTE

CrucialConnect LTE

Flexible, private 4G LTE network supporting voice, video, SMS, & data

CrucialConnect™ LTE is a compact, rugged, deployable 4G LTE/Softswitch solution designed to serve as the communications network for multiple Command and Control Communications (C3) applications, ranging from small unit support to large-scale disaster relief.

Backed by the world-class integration and support services of REDCOM, the CrucialConnect LTE delivers features found in today’s commercial PBXs and cellular networks including voice calling, video, Short Message Service (SMS), GPRS/EDGE data, handovers, and mobile authentication.

CrucialConnect LTE

 Comms Core

Your communications core

The design and flexibility of the CrucialConnect LTE make it the ideal solution to act as the communications core for an Incident Command Center, Tactical Command Post, Homeland Security, Public Safety and a myriad of other applications where reliable communications are critical.


      Flexible deployment

      The CrucialConnect LTE Network can operate in a variety of modes, including as a single base station subsystem or as a larger, networked base station subsystem with multiple nodes. All communications between the components of CrucialConnect LTE are accomplished via IP connectivity, resulting in network flexibility that can be easily integrated into an existing network infrastructure. The 4G LTE network is configurable to support all global frequency bands based on geographic area of operations.

      Based on the customer’s operational requirements, CrucialConnect LTE can be prewired and configured to be set-up and operational within minutes of antenna deployment and the flip of the power switch.


        Customizable to meet your needs

        CrucialConnect LTE is available in a number of different configurations and with a variety of options, including support for multi-media, email, chat, and video on the cellular devices and up to 2,000 IP subscribers, SIP, AS-SIP, T1/E1, analog trunks, analog lines, ISDN-BRI lines, and radio circuits on the REDCOM SLICE® 2100™.

           Extreme Environments

          Reliability in extreme conditions

          REDCOM communications platforms are designed to perform under the most challenging environments—from the intense humidity of tropical islands, the searing heat of the Sahara to the frigid temperatures of the Arctic.

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