Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

We have hundreds of happy customers spanning the globe!

REDCOM’s SLICE 2100 is a very comprehensive platform. We were drawn to the capabilities it has to interface with our IP and legacy networks, through SIP trunking and standard TDM circuits. We can easily customize the SLICE 2100 platform to meet what we have going on within our network, and in the different communities we service. Once we complete our IP migration, the SLICE 2100 is a stable product that will continue to work well with our main IP platform.

REDCOM is very competitive with both original and maintenance costs. REDCOM doesn’t require service contracts or scheduled maintenance or upgrades. I can see that our maintenance costs are going to be tremendously less compared to products from other vendors.

Kevin CabbageCEO, Farmers Mutual Telephone Company

We really enjoy working with REDCOM’s technical support. We can call them any time, and get immediate attention. We don’t have to go through layers of support personnel to find the right service person. Their people are very knowledgeable, very reliable, and they don’t quit until they’ve solved our problem. Usually, it’s a one-call resolution. If we need to execute a creative solution using the SLICE 2100, they don’t tell us, ‘You can’t do that with our product. It isn’t possible.’ Instead, they help us find a way to adapt the SLICE 2100 to suit the needs of our network.

Frank SefritNetwork Manager, Farmers Mutual Telephone Company

My duties here have me assigned to many Marine Corps programs such as TSM, DTC, TDN, JECCS, and anything else they feel like throwing at me.  As you can imagine, this has me working with many vendors and other outside agencies. The support your team provides is well above all others. I have never had a response from REDCOM that did not include follow-up contact to ensure my situation was resolved. It is never “fire and forget”.  Someone is always there to answer the call and action is taken immediately. I have never found this level of service with any other agency. The team you have assembled are some of the most dedicated, professional, and capable people I have ever had the privilege to work with.  REDCOM’s success is in good hands!

How else can you put it other than, REDCOM gets it.

Lee BecklerUSMC

As you are aware, we have been evaluating our switching needs, and have decided to opt for the REDCOM HDX/GR303 as our solution. Through our analysis, we have found that the HDX:

  • Meets all of our legacy and future SIP needs
  • Has a reasonable up front CapEx cost
  • Has no recurring support cost
  • From our MDX experience, it is an extremely reliable platform
  • Has a small form factor
  • Low power consumption (cost of electricity is extremely high)
  • Top notch technical support
  • Top notch sales support
Tom ErvinAPT

You guys ROCK!!! If you ever need a reference for potential new customers, PLEASE give me the opportunity to let them know what a fantastic company REDCOM is – top quality product and world-class, stellar customer service!

Tim WilhelmStelle Telephone Company

REDCOM has a long history of serving the power line carrier market and the SLICE 2100 is designed to serve the unique communications needs of the utility industry as it moves from circuit-switched to packet-switched networks.

Leonardo RivasPLC de Venezuela

Thank you for the outstanding training support… successfully dealt with the 100+ degree heat to deliver the training and provide the follow-up, hands-on assistance to ensure all of the trainees became proficient in performing the upgrades. We were more than completely satisfied with the training and assistance provided.

Steve ButtCNS Tactical Networks, MARCORSYSCOM

Our company has a long-standing commitment to provide quality telecommunications services to our customers and with the addition of the REDCOM SLICE 2100 we now have an integrated platform that provides a flexible, reliable VoIP solution to better service the communities that we serve. We have a truly integrated IP and TDM communications network that has allowed us to start with as few as 100 IP subscribers per node while maximizing our existing network assets.

David ShipleySouth Park Telephone