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Flexible and reliable solutions for VoLTE deployment

Service providers face several compelling reasons to implement VoLTE, including:

  • Bandwidth and spectrum savings
  • Roaming revenue protection and access to top-tier VoLTE networks
  • Adding or enhancing bandwidth-hungry applications increasingly demanded by subscribers

Spectrum savings 3G vs 4G (VoLTE, Voice over LTE)

AS-SIP facilitates essential DoD features:

REDCOM VoLTE Suite Advantages

Complete software solution, fully virtualized operating environment. Our 100% software solution is deployed in a virtual environment, reducing hardware dependencies and significantly reducing OPEX and CAPEX.

Carrier-grade, high availability cluster with redundancy. Extremely reliable and well tested, our solution is engineered and tested to exceed five-nines high availability standards.

Flexibility to work with existing and planned network. Our Telephony Application Server (TAS) includes interfaces to interoperate with IMS and other network elements. It supports the messaging interfaces needed for CAMEL, MAP, and IN as well as SIP, Diameter, and SIGTran protocols.

Expertly integrated with support from an experienced team that understands carrier concerns. Key players on the REDCOM team have over 50 years of combined experience in telecommunications and with the REDCOM product line.

Cost-effective. Our solution allows you to implement exactly what you need, no over-investing in unnecessary components.

REDCOM VoLTE (Voice over LTE) Solution