Media Gateway

Intelligent Media Gateway

The gradual migration to IP-based networks balanced with the financial need to retain legacy assets has resulted in a hodge-podge of converters and gateways. In most cases, the devices are outdated, have limited flexibility, and are often no longer supported by the manufacturers. As a result, carriers expend immense amounts of money and energy evaluating “work arounds” and adding yet more small gateway boxes to an already complex and OpEx-draining network.

REDCOM’s Intelligent Media Gateway solutions enable carriers to replace the existing mess of converters and gateways with a single, integrated, and expandable device. This provides one point of TDM-IP conversion and one point for maintenance, drastically reducing confusion and OpEx.

REDCOM’s TRANSip Technology Suite encompasses a wide range of voice interfaces and protocols- T1, E1, ANSI SS7, ETSI C7, ISDN, analog trunks, SIP, TLS, SRTP, Modem-and Fax over IP, IPV4 and IPV6, even radio!  And with scalability to thousands of ports, REDCOM products can replace most or all of the troublesome gateways in your network—both current and future.

Perhaps best of all, REDCOM’s Media Gateway truly is “Intelligent” since it can route, monitor, and report traffic, drastically improving overall network performance.

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