Deployable Communications

Deployable Communications



Supports a full range of international interfaces and protocols, including SIP, AS-SIP, E1/T1, ISDN, Satellite & Commercial/Military Radios. Also available are specialty interfaces for military and commercial encryption and “special service” systems.



Preconfigured, a system can provide communications within minutes of powering up. Rapid boot-up restores communications fast following those inevitable generator power interruptions common in the tactical theater.


Conference Capable

Connects radios, cell phones, GSM phones, VoIP phones, soft phones, and analog phones. Global reach and powerful yet flexible conference features facilitate superior command capabilities.  Click here to learn more…

 Secure Communications

Customizable & Secure

REDCOM switches and peripheral component options, including encryption devices, allow you to create fully interoperable communication solutions. Industry-leading features and “translations” provide administrators with the tools to create unique communications solutions for almost any need.

 Deployable Communications

Field Deployable

Rugged cases meet stringent military impact and vibration specifications for airlift, seaborne transport, and off-road transportation. Wide-range power supplies and DC power options allow for worldwide operation.



REDCOM products’ wide-range environmental tolerance is battle-proven to survive harsh conditions. REDCOM systems work in the most challenging environments, including intense tropical island humidity, searing desert heat, and the frigid Arctic.

 Field Configurable

Field Configurable

For evolving mission requirements. “Configuration kits” provide a means to rapidly re-configure a switch to meet changing needs. Local and remote administration capabilities provide command staff assurance that networked or isolated operation can be managed.

 Low Power Use

Low Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP)

REDCOM systems are energy efficient and off-grid ready, with full operation on wind, solar, or generator power.



One or two person lift in/out of any type of vehicle. System cases can be “stacked” to create larger capacity switches, ideal for “any method transport” (plane, train, boat, auto, truck).

Transportable Products

REDCOM’s transportable communications solutions are available in a variety of form factors.  The SLICE Micro products (SLICE 2100 Micro and SLICE IP Micro) are the size of a hardcover book. The SLICE and HDX families fit in standard 19 inch wide telecom racks. The SLICE products (SLICE, SLICE IP, SLICE 2100) are a mere 1.75” (1U) tall, while an HDX•C shelf is 8.75” (5U) tall. Stacking options to create larger systems in the field vary by product. “First in” systems can be easily augmented by later arriving equipment.

Contact REDCOM’s tactical communications experts (585-924-6500 or to determine the optimal TCP configuration to meet your needs.

SLICE Micro Family

The SLICE Micro products (SLICE IP Micro and SLICE 2100 Micro) support fully featured SIP call control, thousands of IP subscribers, IP trunking,  and a conferencing gateway. The small form factor, less than 20W power consumption, and ability to fit into a briefcase or plane’s overhead compartment (Low SWaP) make the SLICE Micro products ideal for rapid deployment and emergency response applications.

SLICE 2100 Micro


SLICE TCPs support fully featured call control, trunking, MLPP, secure communications and conferencing in either a 4U or 6U transit case. SLICE TCPs are completely customizable with the specific communications equipment, including encryption devices,  your mission requires. TCPs meet military requirements for shock and vibration and are frequently used for deployments and emergency response applications. Two sample SLICE TCP configurations are shown below:

SLICE® 2100™ TCP

  • Dual stack shown above
  • SLICE TCP available in 4U, 6U, or custom
  • Up to 2,000 IP subscribers per SLICE 2100
  • Up to 48 analog line circuits per SLICE 2100
  • Ethernet Switch
  • Options include:
    • Magneto lines
    • ISDN lines
    • Radio Interface
    • Trunking Module (analog, TDM, SIP)
    • Secure Device Module
Transportable Communications


The HDX TCPs, REDCOM’s largest transportable package, supports fully featured call control, trunking, MLPP, secure communications and conferencing in a 10U, 11U, or 14U transit case. As with all REDCOM tactical packages, HDX TCPs are completely customizable with the specific communications equipment, including encryption devices,  your mission requires.

This produce is well-suited for disaster recovery for central office, PBXs, industrial communications, supplemental communications where infrastructure is destroyed or non-existent, purpose-built communications vans, and other disaster communications needs.


  • 10U, 11U or 14U with slide out inter-frame
  • Up to 3,000 IP subscribers per shelf
  • 2048 Non-Blocking TDM timeslots per shelf (4096 per system)
  • Stackable up to 8 shelves
  • Hot-swappable circuit boards
  • Ethernet Switch


  • Magneto lines
  • ISDN lines
  • Radio Interface
  • Trunking Modules (analog, TDM, SIP)
  • Secure Device Module
Deployable Communications Package