REDCOM Multi-Technology Conferencing

Powerful, secure voice solution for critical real-time collaboration

REDCOM’s Multi-Technology Conferencing delivers advanced voice collaboration tools for secure, critical communications involving a few to thousands of parties in a real-time environment. REDCOM’s conferencing solution is endpoint-agnostic, dynamically scalable, can be controlled on-the-fly, and features extensive encryption capabilities (including Type 1). Government agencies, militaries, and Fortune 500 companies rely on REDCOM’s proven communications technology for crisis management, secure conferencing, and interoperability.

     Secure VoIP

    Unparalleled security

    REDCOM’s secure conferencing solution supports multiple levels of access security, flexible conferee screening, and voice encryption to protect confidential discussions and avoid corporate espionage. REDCOM’s solution also features full DISN MLPP support to ensure that the most important calls get through during crisis situations. Download our brochure and refer to page 3 for more details on secure conferencing.

         Endpoint agnostic

        Endpoint agnostic

        REDCOM’s Multi-Technology Conferencing solution does not limit you to proprietary end instruments. True interoperability means REDCOM conferencing works with any device, including radios, smartphones, softphones, IP devices, PBX desksets, and analog phones.

             operator console

            Powerful operator console

            REDCOM’s Link Command System is a feature-rich operator console that enables an attendant to initiate, monitor, and control conferences in real time from the convenience of a Windows® PC. The attendant has the power to monitor multiple conferences, split/join conferences, add/drop members, mute conferees, and more. Refer to page 5 of our brochure for a list of operator capabilities.

                 Office anywhere

                Find Me, anywhere

                No matter where you are or what device you are using, REDCOM’s Multi-Technology Conferencing solution can keep you connected. When a Blast Dial conference is initiated, the system can ring any number of devices, including your desk phone and smartphone, to make sure you are not left out of a critical conference.

                     Radio Gateway

                    Intelligent radio gateway

                    REDCOM’s Radio Gateway provides a simple and reliable means of bridging radios into both legacy and VoIP networks. REDCOM’s intelligent Radio Gateway solutions are far more powerful than simple converter boxes. They include full switching and routing capabilities and even enable Push-to-Talk (PTT) signals to be transmitted through a conference.

                         conference types

                        Conference types

                        REDCOM’s Multi-Technology Conferencing supports several conferencing styles. Any or all of these styles can be combined into a single conference.

                        Preset (Blast Dial): Rapidly establishes a conference with pre-defined members.

                        Meet-Me Type 1 – Station Number: This Meet-Me conference is a conference that is associated with a station number. Any station user, attendant, or console user can access the Meet-Me conference capability.

                        Meet-Me Type 2 – Dial Code: This Meet-Me conference is accessed by dial codes and can have many attributes, including caller screening.

                        Progressive: A conference controller initiates a progressive conference call by dialing the conference dial code. The conference controller also can enter the conference size.


                            Conference modes

                            The following modes are available on any conference type:

                            Loudest Party Talks: The dominant audio source is dynamically selected and all other voices and sounds are excluded. The loudest talker will hear silence and all other conferees will hear just the voice of the loudest talker.

                            Additive: This is a traditional phone conference where a conferee hears all voices (except their own) speaking within the conference.

                            Additive/Loudest Talks Conference: This technology selects the loudest voices, a pre-selected group of voices, or a combination of both, as determined by the system administrator. Conferences can be programmed to allow n members of the total members in the conference to speak at one time.

                            Priority Talker: When invoked, the conferences include the talker’s priority into the selection process.

                            Listen Only: Members can join as non-speaking participants.

                            Audio Isolation: The audio of one member can be isolated from other members.

                                Custom Application Development

                                Put our software developers to work for you. If you have a unique communications requirement, REDCOM can work with you to develop custom conferencing features to meet your specific needs. Contact REDCOM for details.