REDCOM’s Tough, Transportable TCPs

A REDCOM Tactical Communications Package (TCP) is a rugged transport case that contains a REDCOM switch (such as a SLICE® 2100™, SLICE®, SLICE IP and HDX•C along with a wide range of peripheral component options, allowing you to create a customized, fully integrated and transportable telecom solution that meets your specific needs.

No matter how and where you deploy them, REDCOM TCPs are designed to go with you. Interoperable, battle-tested, and man-portable, the TCP is completely customizable. The TCP integrates multiple communications elements and encryption devices in a rugged transit case for government and defense rapid deployment applications, and civilian disaster response applications.

TCP Benefits



Contained in a rugged transit case, REDCOM TCPs are easily transportable into and out of any type of vehicle. Each TCP is equipped with convenient handles that facilitate a one or two-person lift.


Field deployable

REDCOM TCPs are built to withstand the harsh conditions of airlift, seaborne transport, and off-road transportation. The transit cases meet stringent military specifications for impact and vibration. REDCOM solutions are installed in ships, trucks, Humvees, communications shelters, and tent cities.



Interlocking transit cases allow REDCOM TCPs to stack easily on top of each other with a firm grip. Users can group network elements into the same footprint to conserve space and maximize system capacity.


Slide out chassis

The slide out chassis provides easy access to TCP components for routine maintenance and cleaning. Components can also be easily removed from the transportable case and placed into a rack mount.


Convenient storage options

REDCOM TCPs offer several convenient storage compartments to hold cabling, documentation and tools. Optional storage compartments include snap-on zippered pouches for each end cap and a 2U slide out storage drawer built into the frame


Cable distribution system

REDCOM's simple user interface allows fast and easy upgrades, and using REDCOM's modular cabling system you can easily reconfigure your system in the field to meet the needs of evolving mission requirements.


Customize your TCP to meet your specific needs

REDCOM Tactical Communications Packages are available in multiple configurations and can be customized with the specific communications equipment to fulfill your unique mission requirements. The TCPs shown on this page provide examples of commonly used configurations. We recommend that you call 1-585-924-6500 and consult with our tactical communications experts to determine the optimal TCP configuration to meet your needs.

Common TCP Configurations:

slice2100-tcp-beige.jpgSLICE 2100 TCP

  • Up to 2,000 IP subscribers per SLICE 2100
  • Supports the following optional interface modules: Line Module, Line/Trunk Module, MET Module, MSC Module, Secure Device Module & Radio Module
  • 4U transit case
  • 22.5 x 34.5 x 11.5 inches
  • Weighs less than 80 lbs.
  • Low power consumption

TCP_dual2100.jpgDual SLICE 2100 TCP

  • Two SLICE 2100s deliver enhanced interface capacity
  • Supports the following optional interface modules: Line Module, Line/Trunk Module, MET Module, MSC Module, Secure Device Module & Radio Module
  • Up to 4,000 IP subscribers
  • 6U transit case
  • Weighs less than 140 lbs.
  • Low power consumption

hdx-tcp-beige.jpgHDX TCP

  • Up to 3,000 IP subscribers per shelf
  • Hundreds of TDM ports per shelf
  • Hot-swappable circuit boards
  • Low power consumption
  • Optional redundant control for individual shelves
  • No fans, no filters and no moving parts
  • Available in 10U, 11U or 14U cases
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