Maintenance and Administration User Interface (MAUI)

  • maui-technician.pngSingle point of Operation, Administration and Maintenance for REDCOM switches
  • Intuitive GUI provides an interactive graphic view of your system
  • Saves time and effort in system maintenance
  • Quick and easy setup

Simplify the setup of your REDCOM switch

REDCOM’s Maintenance and Administration User Interface (MAUI) helps you easily set up your REDCOM switches locally or over the internet. MAUI gives you a graphic overview of your entire telecommunications system and enables you to quickly add new lines and make updates to your REDCOM switch. Offering a user-friendly, feature rich design, MAUI lets you easily navigate through the program with intuitive screens and commands that are point-and-click. Everything you need to know about your system is just a mouse click away. You can also create different service views or profiles for each user.

A full portfolio of features

  • Network Overview: Provides an interactive graphic view of your entire REDCOM system
  • Call Translation Management: Allows you to quickly and easily navigate through Routes, Office Codes, and Dial Code Tables
  • Line Circuit Management: Conveniently summarizes the enabled features of assigned line circuits, and lists all unassigned line circuits in your system
  • Translator Trace Maintenance: Provides internal system views that allow you to check system performance.
  • Trunk Circuit Management: Provides a color-coded display that shows the current status of groups and spans
  • Visual Queues: Assists in troubleshooting with an easy to identify group of color-coded system messages  
  • Context Sensitive Help: Pop-up boxes that deliver specific “help text” regardless of the screen in use.

MAUI helps you maximize PRODUCTIVITY

MAUI’s automated “system performance check” function finds and reports problems. This helps you save time and effort in system maintenance, reducing operational costs, increasing staff efficiency and enhancing service delivery. MAUI monitors the status and “health” of your network, gathering performance data and quickly identifying network failures for troubleshooting.

MAUI Screenshots


Network overview: REDCOM’s MAUI is a graphical user interface (GUI) that runs on a PC and simplifies the task of administering your REDCOM switch. MAUI’s intuitive design allows you to navigate through the program using meaningful screens and commands.
The Network Overview sample screen (above) provides an interactive graphic view of your entire system and gathers critical performance data to quickly identify network failures and issues. The GUI is color-coded with network systems classified as “Group functioning”, “Group not functioning”, “Member(s) not functioning”, and “Group has no members”.


Device Setup: With MAUI’s user-friendly design, device setup is quick and easy with everything you need just one click away. The Device Setup sample screen (above) lists the various device components of your REDCOM switch and allows you to easily modify device entries and settings.


Span/Trunk Overview: The Span/Trunk Overview sample screen (above) demonstrates the ease of use in configuring timeslot and port settings (in this case for the Multi E1/T1 Interface board). The GUI is color-coded and classifies the timeslot/port settings as “Active”, “Inactive”, “Unequipped” and “Unknowable” so that they are readily recognizable.

MAUI Specifications

Switch Requirements

  • One of the following REDCOM products:
    • HDX (v1.0 or higher)
    • SLICE® (v1.0 or higher)
    • SLICE® 2100™ (v3.0 or higher)
    • SLICE® IP (v4.0 or higher)
    • SLICE® IP Micro (v4.0 or higher)
  • Controller board with Ethernet Interface

System Requirements

  • Operating Systems:
    • PC: Microsoft® Windows® XP with Service Pack 3 (English)
    • Linux® Ubuntu® 9.04 and later
  • Hardware:
    • Dual Core Processor
    • 2GB memory
    • Ethernet port
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