REDCOM Advances in VoIP Technology

October 17, 2012 at 7:30 AM

REDCOM Laboratories, Inc., announced today new advances in TRANSip®, its IP Technology suite, that enhance interoperability and functionality. REDCOM has been granted a United States Patent No. 8,239,829 B2, entitled: User Co-Routine Interface for customizing SIP and SDP protocols. 

REDCOM’s TRANSip-enabled products use a number of VoIP protocols. Foremost among them are SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) and SDP (Session Description Protocol). In its role as a Session Controller for VoIP communications the need often arises for special adaptation of these protocols to guarantee interoperability or to implement network-wide policy guidelines. REDCOM’s products have always played a central role in interoperability and configuration flexibility has been a hallmark of REDCOM’s product architecture. This flexibility extends to SIP/SDP protocol adaptation as well, and REDCOM offers a simple and flexible way to manipulate SIP/SDP offers received from one device before forwarding these offers to another device. But sometimes the manipulation required goes beyond what our standard methods support. 

In order to provide for this kind of customized control, REDCOM’s built-in BASIC scripting language can be used. Patent 8,239,829 B2 discloses a method of incorporating this capability into the real-time processing of SIP/SDP which is both easy to use and very efficient. It uses what are known as “co-routines” in a novel way to permit call processing to invoke the BASIC scripting component as an efficient in-line function call. The original SIP/SDP offer is made available to the BASIC script along with other environmental information, and the script can return a modified offer to be used in subsequent call processing. 

“REDCOM distinguishes itself by being a pioneer and an innovator in IP Communications” said Sam Delibert, REDCOM’s President and Chief Operating Officer. “Our customers demand robust interoperability from our IP-based switch platforms and SIP/SDP manipulation offers a simple and flexible way for seamless interoperability.”


For more than 30 years, REDCOM has specialized in the design and manufacture of innovative telecommunications products noted for their quality and reliability. Located in Victor, New York, REDCOM’s global customer base includes commercial telecom carriers, private networks, integrators, emergency responders, and government and defense agencies. All REDCOM products are proudly designed, manufactured, assembled and supported in the United States. For more information about REDCOM’s IP solutions, please contact a REDCOM customer advocate at or call +1.585.924.6500.

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