Placing an order

To place an order for a system, or spares, you must obtain a quotation from REDCOM headquarters. To ensure our quotation meets your specific requirements, we ask you to outline your basic requirements by one of the following methods: complete our online Request a Quote Form, send an email to moc.mocder@selas, or send a fax to +1.585.924.6585. We will contact you to confirm your requirements.

International Orders

REDCOM maintains strict compliance with all United States Government export regulations. For more details, please refer to our Export Compliance page. For questions about REDCOM products and the applicable export control laws and regulations, please contact REDCOM at moc.mocder@ecnailpmoctropxe

General Payment Terms

Prepayment is always acceptable. Credit cards are accepted for some smaller sales. All other payment terms require advance approval by REDCOM. Advance approval may be requested by completing the credit application and returning it to REDCOM at moc.mocder@selas or by fax +1.585.924.6585.

General Business Terms and Conditions

Our quotations are based on REDCOM’s Terms and Conditions of Sale. Any other Terms and Conditions are subject to review and approval by REDCOM. For questions about REDCOM’s Terms and Conditions of Sale, please contact REDCOM’s Sales Operations at moc.mocder@selas 

REDCOM's Sales Channels

In addition to direct sales, REDCOM sells through authorized value-added-resellers (VARs). VARs combine REDCOM equipment with other vendors’ equipment, and sell the integrated solution to you. For additional information, please contact REDCOM at moc.mocder@selas or +1.585.924.6500.

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