International Gateway

The migration to packet-based networks over the last decade has left many carriers in a precarious situation — a motley collection of converter boxes, servers, and protocols from various vendors that is difficult and costly to manage. The lack of integration between the devices hinders administration and maintenance, further driving up unseen costs and leaving network planners with no clear roadmap to the future.

One of the most important functions of a national network is the international connectivity, which is a major contributor to the carrier’s financial health. Thus, it makes sense that the international gateway provide reliable, comprehensive abilities to route, re-route, and control traffic while enabling carriers to monitor and administer this core revenue-generating function.

REDCOM’s HDX and SLICE family of products are carrier-quality platforms providing fully integrated TDM and packet voice communications. E1, T1, ANSI SS7, ETSI C7, and a host of legacy trunking resource are supported in REDCOM’s softswitches, along with SIP 2.0 compliant packet voice “trunking.” This provides a single international/national gateway for interconnectivity of major network elements, replacing the plethora of ad hoc boxes, thereby enabling a single point of control and administration for traffic distribution.

REDCOM’s solution is a drop-in integrated softswitch/media gateway platform that easily replaces the existing legacy gateway by replicating the current TDM trunking and signaling, while enabling carriers to migrate to VoIP in a planned and controllable manner. The result is a no-risk technical solution with the ability to spread financial investments into new services over a time period that makes sense.

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