When you need a communications platform that meets mission critical requirements, REDCOM provides you with the solutions that perform in the world’s most challenging environments.

REDCOM communications platforms are specifically engineered for interoperability and durability. With installations that range from remote central offices, to disaster recovery sites, REDCOM provides communications platforms that are proven in the most demanding conditions.

Performance when it counts

In emergency situations, where dispatcher performance is crucial to establishing effective communications command and control, REDCOM provides the Link Command System. A GUI package that offers call control and handling capability, the Link Command System provides dispatchers with a complete, user-friendly overview of their network. Using a standard PC, the Link Command System allows the operator to intercept calls, manage conference bridges, directory requests, and incoming call queues.

Reliability in extreme conditions

REDCOM communications platforms are designed to perform under the most challenging environments—from the intense humidity of tropical islands, the searing heat of the Sahara to the frigid temperatures of the Arctic.

Integrated TDM and VoIP in a single platform

REDCOM solutions equipped with the TRANSip® IP technology suite provide much more than first generation softswitches by integrating VoIP and TDM Call Management, Media Gateway Services, a Media Gateway Controller, and other important features. REDCOM transportable solutions offer all the benefits of IP while preserving the functionality of the existing telecom infrastructure.

Maximum interoperability

REDCOM’s communications platform supports a full range of international interfaces and protocols, offering you the ability to match regional communications technology. REDCOM also provides a simple user interface, allowing fast and easy upgrades, alterations, and configuration changes to be made in the field.

Using multiple system configuration databases, a single communication platform can be quickly reconfigured by simply loading the new database. One platform can then be used as a backup or standby communications platform in nearly any location in the world. This unique and powerful capability is delivered through a multitude of protocols and interfaces including:

  • SIP, VoIP, Analog and ISDN
  • Trunking Capability: SIP, AS-SIP, T1, E1, E&M, ISDN, SS7/C7, MFC R2
  • Satellite Connectivity:  SIP, SS5/C5
  • Radio Connectivity: UHF, VHF

The REDCOM communications platform has a powerful conferencing capability allowing different types of conference bridges to be set up on one platform. Users from all sources can participate in the conference, whether connected by radio, satellite, GSM, PSTN, or VoIP.


DoD/Government Clients

  • US Marine Corps.
  • US Air Force
  • US Navy
  • US Army
  • US Department of Homeland Security
  • FBI
  • FEMA
  • NASA
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