Company Overview

REDCOM Laboratories, Inc. is a closely-held private small business enterprise based in Victor, New York. For more than 35 years, REDCOM has been developing and manufacturing the world’s most reliable digital and IP-enabled telecommunications systems for carriers, utilities, emergency response and defense applications.


We believe that people should be able to talk to one another—wherever, whenever—quickly, clearly and reliably. REDCOM products include public and private network systems, ISDN systems, legacy systems, IP/VoIP based systems with an integrated SIP Call Manager, Media Gateway, and Media Gateway Controller, tactical systems, programmable platforms, and test equipment.

redcom-aerial.jpgREDCOM was incorporated in upstate New York State in April 1978. Our principal offices and main manufacturing facilities are all located in our 140,000 sq. ft. headquarters in the town of Victor, near Rochester NY. Our world class manufacturing facility and experienced engineering department are tightly coupled via concurrent engineering. REDCOM allocates significant resources to research and development.

REDCOM is customer-driven. We understand and anticipate the customer's needs and develop solutions quickly and economically. This gives our customers competitive advantages, higher revenues, and growth opportunities. REDCOM systems are field-proven in harsh environments. REDCOM's experience, insistence on quality, and wide range of products make us a leader in the telecommunications industry.

Made in America used to mean unsurpassed reliability. At REDCOM it still does.


We’re proud of the fact that all of our engineering, manufacturing and customer support is conducted right here in the United States. We live up to the traditions of American quality and service by building products that last a lifetime, and we provide ongoing support for everything we’ve ever sold. Our softswitch solutions are easily expandable for your future upgrades, and we don’t require mandatory service contracts. You don’t have to look far to find the reliable communications technology and world class service you need. It’s made right here in America, at REDCOM.

The Sun Always Shines on REDCOM.

No matter how rugged your work environment, you’ll find a telecom solution with REDCOM. Renowned for their performance in the most challenging conditions on Earth, including Alaska, Fiji, and the deserts of the Middle East, REDCOM products provide the integrated solutions you can rely on. Scalable, interoperable, and always reliable, REDCOM products deliver real solutions that work right now, wherever you live and work.

REDCOM's customers span the globe. Our global customer base and diversified product lines provide the proper balance of markets to ensure business, economic, or technological changes do not significantly impact financial strength and profitability. This balance is the basis of our longevity. We have satisfied customers in the South Pacific, Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, and South America.

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